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Body, Mind, Breath

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The Science and Art of Yoga is Discovered Through a Purposeful, Mindful Practice

Yoga with Louise offers traditional Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga, also known as traditional Hatha Yoga. Each class develops a physical and mindful practice through a series of Asanas, Jattis, Kriyas, Pranayamas and Relaxation. 

Louise trained with Yogacharini Kalavathi Devi at the OM Studio in Cardiff and is continuing her learning and practice of Gitananda Yoga under the guidance of Yogacharya Dr Ananda Bhavanani.

Everyone is able to 'do' Yoga. There is no competition, no judgement. Everyone is welcome.

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"Yoga is a continuous process. It is a journey and the goal is the journey itself." 

Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani

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